Christine & Irene Hohenbüchler

… unterwegs … zuhause …

Schule Buhnrain
Buhnrain 40
8052 Zürich
  • © Pierluigi Macor / Stadt Zürich KiöR («Neuer Norden Zürich»)

  • © Pierluigi Macor / Stadt Zürich KiöR («Neuer Norden Zürich»)

7 wooden huts various formats

Since their participation documenta X (1997) at the very latest, Christine and Irene Hohenbüchler have been internationally famous for their often temporary art projects, which are mostly conceived in collaboration with selected social groups. Here, what the pair themselves call “multiple authorship” takes the place of aesthetic production carried out by an artist with heroic, ingenious, isolated organisation. In these sisters’ art, the (communicative) process that leads to the subsequently exhibited work is at least as important as the presentation that ultimately emerges from this process.

For the exhibition New North Zurich, these two artists have undertaken a dialogue-based project. In cooperation with Buhnrain School in Seebach, with JULL (Junges Literaturlabor), the artists and author Ulrike Ulrich work with first-year secondary school pupils on the topic: … unterwegs … zuhause … . Being on the move in a migration society is focus of their texts. Fragments of these texts are attached to the artists huts. The huts, origninally designed for an earlier project in 2014 (…  flieg, Vogel, flieg … ) are installed on the school’s courtyard. The class will continue the dialogue with the wodden huts and the migration society until september.

Acknowledgements to the pupils Cati, Dafina, Daniela, Drion, Elmedine, Franklin, Hawa, Jules, Leon, Noah, Pearl, Reynaldo, Tiana, Yussef and teacher Hanna Schmid.

Courtesy of the artist und  Galerie Martin Janda, Wien
In Zusammenarbeit mit Junges Literaturlabor JULL, Zürich