Empire Peles


Ecke Kur-Früh-Weg / Riedgrabenweg
  • © Peles Empire / Stadt Zürich KiöR («Neuer Norden Zürich»)

Concrete, ceramic 760 × 380 × 20 cm

The artist duo Peles Empire formed in 2005 in Frankfurt. The name is borrowed from Romania’s Royal Peleş Castle in the Carpathian Mountains, the eclectic interior design of which combines various architectural epochs in a convoluted arrangement. From gothic to rococo, through to art deco, the ornamentation of its halls presents a history that never occurred in this form. The principle of appropriation and reproduction represents the basis of Peles Empire’s artistic practice. The duo’s sampling of found structures and their own works obtains its added value between the poles of manipulated reproduction and manual production. Paper, concrete, tiles and cast stone are among the repertoire of materials used by the two Peles Empire artists: Katharina Stöver (b. 1982 in Germany) and Barbara Wolff (b. 1980 in Romania). Components are superimposed, printed, warped and mixed.
For Zurich, the two artists have conceived a water pool on a site that is expected to soon enter into a process of structural transformation. The ground at this unused site, along with all the traces of its previous uses, was photographed, then reproduced in paper form on the studio floor. Traces of everyday life in the studio (randomly positioned objects and artworks) were spread over the image’s surface. In the tradition of the trompe-l’œil, everyday objects were sprinkled among the motifs, deceiving the observer’s senses. The result has been reproduced as a motif on ceramic tiles in a water pool.
Courtesy of the artist and Wentrup Gallery, Berlin