Stella Hamberg

A travers la tête / Robinie

Hirzenbachstrasse 13
8051 Zürich
bronce, 235 x 86 x 89 cm steel, robinia wood, 380 × 300 × 90 cm

Stella Hamberg’s (*1975) works are characterised by simultaneities: exterior view and interior view, motion and stillness, moment and permanence, physicality and abstraction, solidity and diffluence. She meets different concepts and materials with the same attentiveness, thus combining various sculptural methods to form one image. A travers la tête, the laboriously produced bronze, encounters the rough robust Robinie (Robinia), a wood used for fencing around premises and pastures because of its weather resistance, mounted on the construction material steel: mirror-polished, intangible and unassailable. In order to define a point, a construction is required. Like the angle of a sextant, these fragmentary sculptures identify a position, an imaginary space. In Zurich, they are installed above head height, on a roof that extends over garages. They open up the everyday and the private to the superordinate conceptual context, linking the individually ordered with the overall fabric of the city.

Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Eigen+Art, Berlin/Leipzig