Public Art Zurich, June 9th – September 2nd 2018

New North Zurich is a temporary project in the public areas of Zurich North. Organized by the city’s public art program and curated by Christoph Doswald the exhibition includes around 40 works by artists from all over the world that are installed at various locations in the districts Schwamendingen, Oerlikon and Seebach. Sculptures, installations, performances, posters and interventions, some in unconventional sites, allow surprising encounters with art and impressive urbanistic situations, facilitating a new way of experiencing Zurich North beyond green areas, the freeway and construction sites.

The artworks address transformation and development of the urban living environment. Alongside specific aspects of local history, the central theme of the exhibition is the Schwamendingen „Einhausung“ and how it affects neighbourhoods.

Jean-Marie Appriou
Frank and Patrik Riklin (Atelier für Sonderaufgaben)
Miquel Barceló
Benedikte Bjerre
Katinka Bock
Tina Braegger
Stefan Burger
Los Carpinteros
Isabelle Cornaro
Paul Czerlitzki
Olafur Eliasson
Ruth Erdt
Annemie Fontana
HR Giger
John Giorno
Manaf Halbouni
Stella Hamberg
Raphael Hefti
Nic Hess
Gregor Hildebrandt
Irene & Christine Hohenbüchler
Alfredo Jaar
Daniel Knorr
Peter Kogler
Renée Levi
Rémy Markowitsch
Achim Mohné
Olivier Mosset
Matt Mullican
Yves Netzhammer
Peles Empire
Annaïk Lou Pitteloud
Alex Sadkowsky
Lin May Saeed
Veronika Spierenburg
Jules Spinatsch
Bernhard Vogelsanger
Lawrence Weiner